Witness A Legend – Read Arslan Senki

Manga comes in a wide range of genres. While there are series based on highly futuristic societies, there are plenty of series based on ancient or mythical times. So both sci-fi and fantasy sit well with various other genres. And the best part about manga is that they aren’t limited to a single genre. In fact, most of the series are consistent of multiple genres. So a seemingly sci-fi manga can also have various elements from not just psychological, thriller and romance but also high school and ecchi genres. Drama and comedy are almost integral elements for any popular series.


For instance, let’s talk about Arslan Senki. The series is set in an ancient time where kingdoms are ruled by kings and warriors exist to protect these kingdoms with their great courage and splendour. The series entails the story of the young prince of one such seemingly prosperous kingdom. Lacking the innate talent for kingship, he exists merely in the shadow of his father, the great king. The series then focuses on how the prince loses everything to the blood soaked war, the kingdom, his father and the citizens. As the king is betrayed by his own subordinates, the prince sets out on a journey to find trust worthy people to help him reach his destiny, be the king one day.

Just like any other manga, this series too incorporates elements from various genres as mentioned earlier. The story revolves around the prince’s journey. Naturally an adventure, the story is also filled with action scenes all the time. There are subtle drama elements from time to time as well. And not just this, it also involves supernatural elements. So, definitely it makes way for a mythical setting with kings and warriors, kingdoms and wars, sorcery and witchcraft and much more.


Unique Worlds

There are a lot of popular manga out there, each with some unique storylines trying to win over the readers. The best part about manga is that it gives the creators unlimited freedom to create an entire new story. There are so many popular manga with an entirely different world of their own, where everything works differently. For instance, the world of ninjas is vastly different from that of the pirates. And not just the popular ones, pick any decent manga out there and you will witness a different world altogether.

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