Why You Should Get Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Over Running Shoes

Plantar Fasciitis is no joke, as it can be a very painful injury to endure. It’s a common illness to runners who have been doing the sport for so long, or it can also be suffered by those who are overweight. There are a lot of underlying causes of plantar fasciitis, and it’s unfortunate if you do have it. But instead of letting that kill your motivation to run and walk as exercise, you will still be able to keep your sport with the proper plantar fasciitis shoes.

Why Choose Plantar Fasciitis Shoes?

For those who suffer from this injury, it may be beneficial to have specialized shoes that can support their feet while walking or running. Here are several reasons why:


  • They minimize the pain of your heel
  • They will help support it and fix the position of your feet
  • Depending on the brand and model, they have good designs available
  • They have better shock absorption that will lessen the impact when your heels meet the ground

Plantar Fasciitis vs Running Shoes

Shoes made for those with heel pain may be a bit more expensive and hard to find, which begs people to wonder: Why not just get normal running shoes and get used to the pain?

While it may save them money at the moment, those who suffer from plantar fasciitis are recommended to choose specialized shoes over normal ones due to the following reasons:

  • Running shoes may end up injuring the person even more in the long run, causing more trips to the doctor and a hefty medical bill!
  • It does not support the heel, meaning it may end up hurting more
  • It may hinder any chances of your condition fully healing

Choosing the Proper Pair of Shoes


Whether you are purchasing normal running shoes or specialized ones, there is one thing you should definitely consider before getting the first pair of shoes you see, which is the:

  • Features – The features the shoe has is important, since each model and brand will have different specs that are suitable for different types of running and trails. Some are able to offer lightweight shoes that are great for minimalist runners, or those with good shock absorption for those who like running in trails. It’s best to know what they offer before purchasing a pair.

It can be a bit expensive, but it makes for a great investment, especially if you really love to run. Don’t let anything stop you and purchase a pair of plantar fasciitis shoes that will help minimize the pain and instill your love for walking and running now. You will be able to pruchase a pair in your local athletic store, or you may even be able to find numerous brands and models online, where you may eve score deals and discounts. It isn’t hard to search for the perfect pair of running shoes for you, no matter what you’re going through. It will surely be worth the purchase.

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