What is Dota 2 Mmr?

When it comes to online gaming, one of the most popular nowadays is Dota 2. This is considered to be a sequel of a previously popular game, DOTA. DOTA, or Defense of the Ancients involves plenty of characters, and could be played either alone or in teams. It is a strategy game which deals with power ups, and the like. One of the most popular aspects of Dota 2 is the dota 2 mmr, where mmr means Match Making Rating.

There actually is a lot of complex mathematics that go with the calculation of MMR, specifically statistical concepts of mean and standard deviation.

What is MMR?

The MMR, or the match making rating, is one of the characteristics or features of characters which players strive hard and do what they can in order to have it increased. This MMR is further categorized into two main types, specifically Normal Dota 2 MMR, and the Ranked Dota 2 MMR. The former type of MMR is used in normal matches, while the latter is used in making ranked match.


MMR Types

In DOTA 2, there actually are up to 5 tracks for total MMRs per player, which all depend upon the type of game being played. This includes Normal matchmaking, both either individual gameplay, and playing in a group. There are also MMRs for matchmaking, also further categorized into playing alone or playing with a party.  Last of the five MMRs is for team ranking, where a team plays as one against other teams. The calibration period is one which varies among the three ranked MMR. Should the MMR be proven inaccurate, users have the option to reset the calibration.


How to Gain MMRs

These MMRs are gained every time a player wins, and you get a better shot at getting higher MMR once you defeat a team with a higher MMR than you.

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