Tips On Maximizing Your Bathroom For A Corner Shower

Small bathrooms are a pet peeve for homeowners. Sometimes it can be inevitable, as they may not have enough space to build a huge bathroom, or they would just like to make the area look as spacious as possible. Instead of having to try squeezing in the necessities and making it look cramp, you can have a corner shower installed to have the adequate space you need for a nice shower, and still have a good looking bathroom.

For those who are interested in getting a corner shower for their bathroom, you can easily purchase one online or off-the-shelf in any local home depot, or you can even have one custom made and installed, which may cost more. Either way, you will get many ideas as to how you can design your bathroom while still making it look as spacious as possible.

Here are some ideas as to how you can maximize the space of your small bathroom with a corner shower, and tips on how to make it better:


  1. Opt for sliding doors rather than one that is bi-fold in order to lessen the space needed to make way for the opening door.
  2. If you really want to save space, it’s best to choose a triangular shaped corner shower as this takes the least area and will still give you room when taking a shower
  3. If saving up on money, you can choose to have a corner shower made of an acrylic base rather than glass. It’s cheaper, less fragile, and will still give a good design.
  4. To avoid water from spilling out and creating a mess, do not use flimsy shower doors and purchase a frameless curved shower door instead.
  5. On a budget? It’s much cheaper to purchase corner showers off-the-shelf. You will still be able to find good designs that way, and because it is already pre-assembled and comes in kits, you can actually do it yourself instead of spend on someone doing it for you.
  6. To ensure safety when showering, try to make space for handlebars when installing your shower.
  7. When purchasing a kit for corner showers, make sure you follow the instructions to avoid leaks and injuries when installing it yourself. Either have a knowledgeable family member or friend help you, or create a budget for someone to have it installed if you are not that much of a do it yourself person.


Hopefully these tips will help you with your wants and needs when it comes to purchasing your corner shower. The right design is out there, and once you purchase the desired shower for you, you can check websites or manuals on how to do it yourself, or you can also search for someone who can help do it for you at low cost. Corner showers are the best ways to save up on space without scrimping the whole design of your home and bathroom, so make the right choice and have one installed when building your home.

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