Thinking Of A Phi Phi Island Tour

An hour or so away from Phuket are a couple of islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, altogether known as Phi Phi island/s. This island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Thailand. It gained international notoriety ever since it was featured as the setting of Leonardo Dicaprio’s Hollwood film “The Beach”. Since then, people flocked to Bangkok just to be able to visit the Phi Phi island even if it would require them to cross channel in order to reach the island.


How to Get There?

There are only 2 ways on how to get affordable phi phi island tours from ports in Thailand. The first one is via a speedboat and the other is via express boat. Obviously, the former would be the fastest mode of transportation in getting there and there would be no waiting times at the port because the speedboat can right away leave once you hired it exclusively for you and your friends. However, it is quite pricey considering its exclusivity and speed. On the other hand, the express boat is a regular ferry that travels on to the island at scheduled times. This is the basic mode of transportation for regular passengers going to Phi Phi island.


There are a lot of activities to do in Phi Phi island such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving etc. Aside from beach-related activities, there is also nightlife in Phi Phi Don wherein you can go clubbing or party the night away just like how you do it in the city except that this time you have beautiful white beaches as your ambiance. Just be wary of the expenses because a trip in Phi Phi island can be expensive that is why you need to set a budget for it before taking on Phi Phi tours.

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