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It is always easier and comfortable to watch movies at your will, with food of your choice and not just with the popcorns offered at cinema halls. Imagine yourself snuggling up in bed with your favourite movie playing on the screen without being jacked by the movie cost of the theatres. You could ask for nothing more. Only if you have the free movie App of Showbox, you could save yourself from being led astray by the roads jammed on the way to the movie theatre and save time. One App with multiple features, Showbox is made specifically for mobile devices.  It is a free-to-install App on your Android devices which streams all types of movies and TV series and sitcoms. You name it, Showbox has it. A myriad of movies from any genre without the hassles of too many advertisements, are streaming on the App for free. You do not have pay a penny to watch what your favourite is.


The App can work on Android, PC and iOS. Showbox cannot be downloaded directly and further the installation process. It is not available on Google Play and therefore, emulator of Android such as BlueStacks must be installed first. The procedure to install Showbox using BlueStacks is very easy but different due to legal and safety concerns.

It works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and also on Mac.  Showbox does streaming of movies from a variety of sources and offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, so it never runs short of items to show for your search. It saves your time as you can look for movies and TV series at one place and guarantees uninterrupted fun. Its’ other perks include a user-friendly interface which is attractive and makes the surfing easy and problem-free. With options of pause, fast forward, rewind, monitor progress on the progress bar makes it all the more easy interface. It also supports HD movies according to the screen resolution of your device. You are also allowed to download movies to watch them later.  Chromecast also supports this App, so the need to download a third party media player is done away with. Any third-party source can be used to have Showbox App apk file on your device.


Showbox gives you a company when you are all alone. After installing it from BlueStacks 2 player, Showbox will give you access to Twitch broadcasting of any mobile App or game, which might be just a click away.  This will take you to watching movies with a group of other fans of Twitch community. All you have to do is click play and broadcast Showbox and you will be watching your movie along with many other fans.

Questions regarding its legality have come up recently. Streaming on Showbox is legal in UK and Europe but the streaming of content which is not authorised is what makes it illegal. Nevertheless non-stop fun is just a touch away from you.

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