Methods To Detect Lies

How would you understand whether someone is lying or not? Someone who is a criminal or is associated with some kind of criminal propaganda? Would you just assume the person’s words to be true or will you assume the person to be guilty because of the person’s reputation? Well there are many ways through which you can find out if a person is lying or not and many of such ways consists of efficient use of technology. Lie Detector test UK agencies process all the various techs and tricks required to detect a lie correctly but these technologies are not 100% true. The various technologies used to break through the lie of a person are based on a person’s facial expression , change in breathing patters, heart beat , perspiration and also change in the vocal chords of a person but many a times coming under pressure many innocent people are announced guilty as they can’t control their fear , anxiety and emotions. Therefore many courts don’t find these tests to be trustworthy. On the other way round many trained professionals can control their emotions by practice or by taking sedatives and medicines to control their heartbeat and perspiration. So these tests are not completely and wholly true and can’t be relied on.


There are many devices like the polygraph which are used as lie detector machine by lie detector test UK agencies. This device is used to check the changes in the autonomic system in a human. The test person is made to wear a blood pressure device, anemograph around the chest and electrodes on the fingers. These devices measure the fluctuations in the body like blood pressure, heart rate , respiration changes and skin conductivity . It is assumed that if a person is lying he will show major changes which will show fear for the control questions compared to that of the relatively simple questions. If no changes are shown then the test is considered as a failure and inconclusive. Many agencies like the FBI , CIA and nuclear chemical companies use this polygraph test to monitor their workers and it is also used in border control.

Another method is voice method which is voice stress analysis or the voice risk analysis. This test analyses the change in pitch and frequency and micro tremors in the voice of a person to test the truth and reliability in a person’s words. This test has been found to be more bulletproof than the polygraph test in case of emotional tests. Many insurance companies and banks use this test to check the reliability of a client. The best part of this test is that it can be conducted over the phone and then the voice can be analyzed using computer software.


Another used method is the facial electromyography where electrodes are attached to the muscles on the face and these electrodes test the minute electric impulses in the nerves of the face and is therefore considered to be the better test when it comes to emotional situations. This test, examines the facial expressions and reactions of a person to the various questions asked.

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