Magento Form Builder Extensions for your Website

With the improvement in web technology and website viewable devices currently populating in the market, every business these days want to have a presence in the cyberspace. There had been a time when websites purely served the purpose of providing information and no interaction between the website visitor and the admin panel could take place. However, in the current era almost every website has one or multiple forms through which a website viewer can post their opinions, ask for information or simply express their feedback on a specific product or service being sold by a company. Whatever be the case, in order to make a website more popular it is almost necessary to incorporate forms within a website and here Magento Form Builder Extensions comes handy here.


What does Website Forms do?

You might be wondering what difference simple web forms could bring. Well, you would be surprised seeing the effects after you incorporate a simple form in your website. To get a hold on the overall user experience your website visitors encounter after they land on your website, forms should be used. Because forms can gather the raw expressions of the users without any third party invasion. Say for example, if you create polls on your website to know the user experience of your website visitors, you would end up getting a score like 4.5 or 5, but that wouldn’t speak the exact story. You can’t know what exact change your visitors expect on your website, or you can’t know what bitter experience they have exactly had. Just a 1 star rating won’t speak the exact overall story, but if you put a form into the webpage’s bottom division then you may get the story to its most exact point. However, creating forms is an art too! If you put overly complex web forms in a webpage the visitors may not even bother to go through them.Market-Insight-Shopify-and-Magento

Magento Connect has some easy web form extensions for you that you could just buy or download, and install on your website. It’s very simple, and all you need to do is modify the extension to suit your website and nothing else – there’s no complex coding, neither any time would be spent learning complicated technology. You can focus on your business just right away with a simple extension from Magento Connect and we will talk about their extensions soon.

Importance of Web Forms

As we have pointed out already, the basic objective of web forms is to create ways of easier contact between the website admin and the general visitors. The interaction might happen in any of the following ways – placing an order for a product or service, requesting an up to date catalog for your services, making a query about a product you sell, or maybe some feedback that they want the high officials of the company to know. Some website forms store the gathered form data in a database, some pass them to the company email directly – based on how the forms are configured. Typically Java, PHP, HTML and CSS is used to create simple forms but if you opt for third party services like Magento, there wouldn’t be need for anything as such.

Magento Form Builder Extensions

If you are looking for form builder options from Magento, here are few.

  • Custom Formbuilder: Custom Formbuilder is a free extension by Magento Connect. Anyone who own a website could freely download the codes from Magento Connect website and copy-paste them inside their website scripts to have this form builder incorporated. However, some modification with the HTML and CSS might be required for fitting in purpose. If you want to tinker with the form design and other functionalities, you could do that straight from the admin panel and no file modification using FTP programs will be necessary. Also, the Custom Formbuilder extension offers unlimited forms and fields inside the forms despite being free. Keeping track of the form results would be easier since the Custom Formbuilder extension has separate coding for the job. Apart from regular forms, even surveys could be made using this form builder. Custom Formbuilder extension supports the following input types – plain text, text area, select checkboxes, multiple select checkboxes, radio buttons, only date, only time, date & time, file and image upload buttons etc.
  • WebForms Pro 2 – Form Builder: If you need serious forms and one of the best form management services, then WebForms Pro 2 by Magento Connect would come useful. This form builder costs $99.00 and the developer would provide installation support for the customers. Magento 2 is an improved platform for extensions, and WebForms Pro 2 is Magento 2 supported. Also, if you are reliant on PHP 7 then you would love this extension. All typical form services are available.
  • Form Builder by NextBits

The NextBits Form Builder sits in between the Custom Formbuilder and WebForm Pro 2; it’s not free though – available for $39.00 in Magento Connect extension store. Speaking of features, there aren’t much to talk about since they are almost similar to the ones mentioned above.


Form builders save a website admin from the great hassles of doing every coding from the scratch, and allows a business owner to concentrate on the business more. Magento Connect was formed on the principle of helping people with their websites in the easiest yet most advanced ways.

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