How to Get a Bigger Bum the Lazy Way

We know exactly why you’re here, you read lazy and getting a bigger butt in one sentence. You already have a good butt; you just want to know how to get a bigger bum without feeling like dying in the process. We bet that you have read it all: exercises to get a better behind, what to eat to get a sexier back side, easy ways to improve your bum and such. What makes this article any different from the others?1395341571

We are basically offering you cheats: don’t worry because you don’t need to sweat, eat some kind of food or even lift a finger; and no, this does not involve doctors and operations. We will use the element of deception and very fancy stuff which you buy almost anywhere.


Clothing for the Job

  • Start using butt-lifting underwear – yes, this is a thing. This kind of underwear comes in varieties; they are invented just to make that butt look bigger and perkier. Just think of it as a push-up made specifically for your bum. Basically, they are offer with or without padding; it will be up to you to decide which one will look better on you. People will never notice you’re wearing this type of underwear even if you wear it under dresses, shorts or pants. They even come in the type that goes all the way to your waist, further highlighting that bum.
  • Try using a girdle – if you don’t know what a girdle is and what it does, it’s a tight kind of clothing that you wear underneath your everyday clothes. It basically pushes all your excess fat, if you have any, towards your waist. It not only shrinks your stomach but it makes your bum look a lot bigger.

Search for the perfect pants – even the most voluptuous bums will disappear if worn under some baggy and ill-fitted bottoms. Choose pants that compliment your assets, don’t deny them. We suggest a pair of high waist jeans which close at the slimmest part of your waist; this creates an illusion of a tinier waist and a fuller butt. Also, go for fitted pants at all times and don’t waste time on the baggy and oversized ones. Lastly, grab the yoga pants and tights; they are very comfortable. Thanks to their soft and thin cloth, they’ll be able to show off your bum better than any thick jeans.

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