Great Coffee Mug With Great Saving

Are you seeking great coffee experience during the hour of solitude, its time to bring home kitchen selectives coffee maker. Here you will be getting single serve coffee maker where a mug will be supplied as well. There will be washable filer basket and one light to indicate on and off. The coffee maker comes with warranty so anything happens within a year the manufacturer will be taking full responsibility. The coffee maker comes within the budget of $30 not too much for those who like to have occasional coffee.

Certainly preparing coffee making use of drip coffee maker wont be so much of trouble certainly it takes quality time, steady supply of coffee filter and ground beans. Now the best way to judge a coffee maker is by tasting a cup of coffee it is capable of making. If that’s not possible then there is only one way left and that is browsing through the site http://www.consumerschoicereviews.com/ and learning about the views and perceptions of other buyers. Through rating you will get to know the quality of the coffee also how much convenient it is to use a coffee maker. For those who are looking for affordable coffee maker kitchen selectives coffee maker is certainly the best.

Easy to keep and handle


  • The coffee brews in few minutes and those who love coffee would be enjoying on-demand fresh brew, an occasional cup.
  • One needs to not to wait for cooling down. The graceful looking ceramic cup would definitely be noted as a value add and the mug handle is certainly suitable for man figures as enough room is there for holding.
  • No matter who is consuming the coffee preparing coffee is certainly easier a venture with this coffee maker. The mug comes with no labeling or markings, serving size you can determine on your own and then add an amount suitable to the brew strength.
  • For better understanding one will find comprehensible labeling inside the water reservoir which is marked as 8, 10, 12 and 14 ounces.
  • While talking about metal mesh basket filter, the good news is the filter is reusable and sized generously so seamlessly there is more than enough space for some extra grinding.


  • This filter is open top and you cannot be replaced with k-cups, moreover similar disposable coffee pods or k-cups can replace it.
  • Although it is accessible with a mug, the drip area is wonderfully spacious where any mug will be befitting. Inside the coffee cabinet the unit is suitable enough to be fitted to be stored within the regular sized coffee cabinet.

Feet of the coffee maker

  • The coffee maker is having three rubber feet and each foot is having the size of pencil eraser. Such sturdy rubber feet prevent skidding also this keep the coffee maker above the counter surface.
  • Again one of the happy news is the filter housing, metal basket filter removable drip tray and grate can very well endure the onslaught of dishwasher and microwave.
  • This coffee maker is accessible in grey and black plastic and the cord is 27.5 inches long, including the plug. However one wont be spotting and cord keeper.

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