Gps Watches For The Runner

Whether you run just for fun or train to break your own records, a GPS watch can be your guiding friend. Apart from the regular features like recording the pace, steps taken and calories burnt you can have the mp3 playing songs for you, a GPS and heart rate monitors that will have you RunningLikeAPro!

Just a few years back, a digital watch would make all eyes pop out and here we have the new gadgets that can measure your output, check your lactate levels, monitor your heart rate, track your run time and literally gives you an outstanding experience of a workout without having to carry your phone.

With a new GPS watch getting released almost every other day and their multiplying functions the confusion of a first time buyer is genuine. We give you a list of must have features in your GPS watch before you look out one for yourself-


  • Built in GPS-The built in GPS feature in the watches will help you keep a comprehensive track of your runs. They will record the distance covered, speed and pace. This feature can help you track your cycling sessions too.
  • Waterproof-Buying a waterproof watch would mean you can wear it for your adventure trips as well. Take a swim in the pool or scuba diving in the ocean, without having to worry about your watch.
  • Built in music player-What is a workout without some good music! Look for a watch that has a built in music player and you will not have to rely on your phone for some quality music.
  • Comfortable straps for 24×7 activity tracking-Most of these Watches enable activity tracking day in and out. That means you will have to wear them throughout the day. For this reason, it is extremely important to pick up a watch with the most comfortable straps that are specifically designed to be worn 24×7.Besides the comfortable straps, you can get other features like attractive LED lights that not only enable a comfortable reading of data but also enhance its looks.


  • Compass-Many of these watches now include a compass that makes it possible to track a route when used with the GPS. These are compatible with GPX files that can be uploaded to the watch and used to view routes while you are out on your adventure trips.
  • A good battery life-All the features of a good watch are only its worth if the watch boasts of a good battery life too. Look for a watch that has an impressive battery life both on the GPS mode and off the GPS mode.

You can get an ocean of data on your wrist with these watches. But what is important is to decide first what you are looking for in your gadget, considering your lifestyle and the workout activities you target. The prices will be affected significantly if you decide to drop a few features from your watch.

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