Check Out The Best Possible Details About High Thc Strains

Would you like to enjoy psychoactive effective of high THC strains? It is pretty important question indeed for the individuals who like to grow and consume marijuana. The situation has definitely changed rapidly in last few years. People have now got more aware of the positive aspects of marijuana and making best possible efforts to have the strongest weed in the world. It seems like a stiff competition happening in the world of cannabis where every cultivator is trying to grow the weed with highest THC levels. For sure the task is little difficult but there are some cultivators who have been able to get weeds with soaring 30% THC level.


Rise Of Marijuana

The booming trend of weed is the result of many countries removing the ban on marijuana and making in legal to grow and consume it. Cultivators are now given a clear green signal to be innovative and come up with weeds with high THC strains. If you are the guy who can grow some fine quality weeds, it would be awesome to apply for Cannabis cup. Just make sure, people have already achieved 30% THC level in recent times. On an average, 25-30% THC content is observed and treated as strong weeds. It is not hard to state at all, the low potency marijuana is now considered as a thing of the past.  Even if you check out the stats carefully, you will come to know in 1978, the THC potency was around 1.37%. In 1998 steep progress was observed and average THC potency of 8% was achieved.  Since 2012, THC potency between 20-25% has been observed in routine. We can say, low THC potency doesn’t exist anymore.


Why Do You Need To Opt For Awesome Ganja?

If you have really desired to enjoy cannabis, there is nothing better than traveling through the mountains and have fun with mind blowing ganja. Ganja definitely contains high THC strains and that too in very good taste. There are many hybrids available in the market and we do have nice ones to share:

  • Tickle Kush – Tickle Kush is basically an Indica Dominant Hybrid with 27% THC potency. This particular weed is highly recommended for the newcomers and has been rewarded as High Times Strongest Strains for the year 2014.The strain is best known for offering incredible creating had space and best suited for the conversation starters.
  • Ghost Trainwreck – If you desire to enjoy whooping 30.90% THC potency, you must opt for Ghost Trainwreck. This is damn good weed indeed which comes with nuggets taste, very sweet along with an awesome high burst of citrus.


  • Gorilla’s Glue – Gorilla’s Glue has been awarded Cannabis cup in 2014 and highly popular for its Cerebral hit. You will enjoy the full body effect and the weed is surely among the cannabis lovers.

High THC strains are in huge trend and it is to expect THC potency rising more in next few years.

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