Being A Pro At Fifa Ultimate Team

Gaming is a passion for a lot of people. I personally have always loved playing sports games and I have always been a racing and a football fan. I have always loved playing FIFA by EA Sports and can’t wait for FIFA 17 to release. Well this article is for all the people who are confused about the FIFA Ultimate Mode.

FIFA Ultimate Mode is an amazing Mode that was introduced by FIFA, where you need to join and you will be allotted a team of random players and can decide the team’s name. You can change the name anytime. The players on the roaster will be from different countries and you will be in charge of all the activities of the team including coaches, stadium, kit manufacturer, etc. Basically you will be the board and the management of the team. The players on your team will be rated with cards which will be bronze, silver and gold. You are supposed to focus more on the gold players as their performances will earn you more free fifa coins.


To make your team play well one of the things that you need to keep in mind is the team chemistry and that will be represented by the red, yellow and green lines. This will depend on language compatibility and experience and you can check the compatibility between different players and choose your best starting eleven.

Now let’s come to one of the main attributes of the game and that is FIFA Coins which helps you buy packs and evolve your team and players.


Well if you don’t have these coins then you won’t be able to progress and win any online games, so you might be asking of simple ways by way of which you can earn coins. In the beginning of your career you will be given 500 FIFA coins. Yu can visit the store and check out the complementary packs that have give to you and these can be about anything, kits, and stadium and if you think you don’t need a certain asset then you can sell it in return of some credit. FIFA 16 had a feature that would show you which part of your squad needs some improvement like fitness. Improvable can be in any shape and size like ball and home jersey.


You can also earn points by collecting enough points from a player and then buying a pack, expecting to get a big name in the pack that you will sell and earn a lot of points. Trading on the market is one of the ways to earn free coins on FIFA.

You need to invest your time in more matches and drafts to earn more points and the best way to start is the single player mode and slowly you can collect points so that you can buy players later and then compete for glory on the online stage later. The proper way to earn coins would be to compete in tournaments that pay out more than the league one is in.

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