Basics Of Equestrianism

Horse riding which was once a very common task or hobby has nowadays become a sport or means of transport in places where vehicles can’t travel . Horseback riding looks like a pretty fun sport but it takes a lot of fitness and balance . You need to follow some basic guidelines if you want to make it a passion or else it might turn out to be a horrific event with you hanging from the horse, one leg stuck in the stirrup .

Always remember to dress properly. What you need is a helmet, full pants and sturdy boots with some heels and a narrow top. The helmet will protect you if you ever happen to fall, and the full trousers will help protect your feet from the skin and legs of the horse while riding. Your shoes should be perfectly fitting the turtle, you don’t want to be falling off your horse and hanging off a stirrup. Your legs need to be facing inside and not outside for perfect posture. Keeping your back and head straight will help you in cases when the horse decides to stop suddenly .


You also need to know how to approach the horse. Always approach it from the front, don’t make eye contact and give it the back of your hand to smell. This is how you are supposed to greet a horse. Always stand towards the left of the horse and try to mount on it from that side. If you can’t mount on it, you can always use a stool to help yourself.

After mounting you are supposed to hold the reign according to the style you are going to use. One is the English style and another one is the Western style. In the English style you have to hold the reign with both hands and are in more contact with the horse while in Western style you have to hold the reign in one hand and the contact with the horse is lesser. Always remember that in the English style the bit is in the horse’s mouth, so don’t pull on the reign too hard because that might hurt the horse. Don’t kick the horse too hard if you want to signal it to move.

Always remember that a horse has 360 degree view of everything and can notice you mounting it too . So always move your head in the direction you want your horse to move in , and that will signal it to turn . Don’t , forget to breathe while riding a horse. Many people get nervous while the horse is speeding up and tend to hold their breath, this might affect the horse psychologically as the rider’s tension might get transferred to the horse. Be gentle with the horse and don’t forget to pat it and brush its skin afterwards.

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